Honesty is important to me and I think it's necessary to be as transparent as possible with customers. Since I expect that same honesty in return when buying from my favorite brands, I want to tell you a little about us.


(us, meaning me and my one single partner- my cousin)


We continue to grow by trial and error with each new project. We're still learning who we are / who we strive to be as a brand, but here are just a few things off the top of my head: 






While I know it’s displayed in other places on this site, I always like to let our customers know that our products may differ slightly (as slightly as possible, of course) than what is shown in our catalog. 






This is for a few reasons: 






Firstly- we’re a small business. Like, very small. Meaning we personally paint on all of our shoes by hand, and while we try to avoid any degree of difference between what you see and what you get, it can happen. 






Beyond this, we also consider it important to avoid using animal sourced materials in our shoes. All orders placed on our site will be painted on shoes made with synthetic versions of leather or suede. 






& Lastly, we also prefer that the shoes we purchase are manufactured by North American companies- to hopefully ensure the most ethical employment practices are being supported. This means that based on availability, we may have to order similar styles than what’s exactly featured in the photographs on the site.






While this is longer than I initially thought I’d write, with all of this said- we hope our transparency relays that not only our customer’s best interest is at heart, but the interest of our suppliers and the other inhabitants of our lovely planet are, too. 






If you have any questions about any of the aforementioned, please feel free to reach out to us at archilakelsey@gmail.com or (631) 704-2784.