WHO?: I am Kelsey Archila. Shoe Designer, Artist, and creator of KLC / Kelseyland Customs. I'm 25 years old, obsessed with pattern, color and shiny things. Minimal signs of happiness in a stranger will make me cry at the maximum level. Boring, ordinary things repulse me. My life is a rainbow. 

HOW?: Inspired by all things vibrant, I started my hand painted shoe business out of my childhood bedroom, after I had already graduated college with a degree I hadn't used yet. Having spent all of my money on music festival tickets, I had no money to buy my own clothes. My intention was to create a cool pair of shoes in order to stand out from the crowd. With a little pin-spiration, I bought myself a pair of cheap sneakers, doodled on them for days, and posted them on Instagram. I didn't know this then, but that first pair of shoes was the start of an amazing, creative journey that I could have never imagined for myself. 

WHY?: Ever since I was little, I've had this burning desire to stand out from the ordinary; to be bigger than my body. In order to live a meaningful life, we need a purpose that connects us to others and makes us feel big. My purpose is to create shoes and hope that people walk in them, because every shoe is a little piece of me. If enough pieces of me are floating around out there, going on adventures and traveling the world, it feels like I am, too. And that makes me feel big. We all want to leave our footprints on the world, and this is mine. 


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